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At Foxtails Design House we compose our flora not only to honor your narrative, but to respect the natural landscapes that keep us wild. So that you can romance your blooms while respecting the surroundings that hold your forever.

designed in harmony with nature

Here in the West, your enduring chemistry is never the only subject in bloom.

Our floral design wedding services require a minimum of $3,000 investment. 

We build our florals from the ground up to compliment the stunning views around Wyoming. Always designing with the landscape in mind to bring your dream vision to life. 

Personalized just for you

Here at Foxtails we believe in incorporating native species, sourcing with intention & leaving the land better than we found it. When you choose Foxtails Flora, you’re supporting sustainability without sacrificing art.


“The flowers were stunning and exactly what I had envisioned!”

Kayla absolutely made the planning process so smooth and seamless! She gave me ample selections to choose from for flowers, venue, cake, etc. I had to completely put my trust in her recommendations as I was not able to scout these myself and it PAID OFF!!

- Lauren & Reilly

“Kayla saw right through me and created my dream florals for my perfect wedding!”

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- christine, florist


Our Style

Art transformed into stunning blooms that express the wilds of  Wyoming 

With over 16 years in Wyoming and 8 years in the wedding industry here, we know everything there is about the wild Wyoming landscapes and the deep connection of our community. Giving our couples knowledge from a locals perspective is vital in creating the wedding of your dreams. Plus it helps you to truly experience the last of the American West. 

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You love lots of petals, don't want as much greenery, and are here for an artistic, wild, and whispy style. 

Our flora form:

“Foxtails blooms are thoughtfully formed to not only mimic the rhythm of nature, but to extract the forgotten beauty that surrounds us everyday”


Minimum investment
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Here at Foxtails Weddings, all of our floral designs are rooted in trust, compassion and sustainability. When you choose our blooms you’re investing in more than pretty petals. You’re investing in a professional designer and experienced planner who is devoted to honoring your dearest experience foreverafter. 



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